Friday, November 27, 2015

Stylish Moments From Gen X Films

We don't know if it's the holidays, but we are nostalgic for the yesteryear of see through plastic trench coats, and Brad Pitt's abs. Here are our picks for best stylish moments from Gen X films.

Doom Generation. Rose McGowan. Even though Uma Thurman rocked the Betty Page cut in Pulp Fiction Rose brought it to a whole punk rock level. You can't go wrong with a see through plastic trench coat.

Heathers. It is not easy to rock the monocle, but Winona Ryder manages to make teenage contemplation seem stylish. 

Reality Bites. Here we have all sorts of goodies. Ethan Hawke getting millions of girls addicted to dating bad boys. Tight vintage and questionable hair cleanliness a deadly combo. A love triangle. Vicki in 1970's vintage. Winona in the oversized T-shirt, and short hair shag. I want to know who didn't cut their hair after watching this movie or get a boyfriend who had a motorcycle?

Slacker. The tub top might have been huge in the 80's, but Milla made us want to get it out of storage.

Fight Club. There are too many hot Brad Pitt moments in this one. The faux fur, and netted shirt who didn't wear this look in the party scene?

Risky Business. We thought the underdog deserved a mention. Rebecca De Mornay, and her fabulous dresses. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bang Or Not To Bang

Will the fad of bangs take off this fall? According to Rachel Zoe they will be huge. Vera Wang had models clip in Faux bangs at her New York Spring Show 2016. Gone are the blunt bangs of yesteryear. The fall bangs of 2015 are a shag long bang that frames the face.