Thursday, May 26, 2016

Best Swimsuit Sites - 2016

Are you ready for swimsuit season? Gone is the idiosyncratic G-string, and tiny bikini. The high-waisted bottom has become the hood ornament for the 2016 season. One piece confections, and halter tops are expected to dominate the beaches. That being said there are always exceptions to the rule. Here are some sites to shop for that cool swimsuit find.

1) Unique Vintage. Affordable retro high-waisted suits. 


2) Mara Hoffman at Neiman Marcus. One piece diamond cut prints.


3) Esther Williams. Retro with a force!


4) For Love & Lemons. Halter this.


5) Forever 21. Best bargain.



Thursday, May 12, 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016

Haircut Per Zodiac Sign

We couldn't resist reposting this zodiac haircut guide from  Her Campus. Story by Cathy Zhang.

Taurus - Bedhead

Effortless and oh so cool

Taurus gals are known for being down to earth and easy to get along with, so what better way than to channel that into some tousled curls and Bardot-inspired bangs? Ask for a longer fringe at the stylist's to get a more sensual look—Taurus is a romantic after all!

Gemini - Sideswept Pixie

For the girl who keeps everyone guessing

Geminis are social butterflies and well known for being the daring trendsetter among their friends. With that said, Geminis are also highly famous for being capable of feeling ALL the feels, making the sideswept pixie perfect as the cut creates an energetic silhouette offset by a romantic fringe. Getting a pixie will lend extra drama to every Gemini's closet, which is exactly what they like.

Cancer - Shaggy Bob

A little extra fringe never hurt nobody

Cancers are artistic, sensitive souls with an eye for beauty. The shaggy bob has remained a staple haircut for years, and for good reason. It's a gorgeous look that can be styled into a crazy bed of waves or just brushed to frame your face. For the shy Cancer, this is also a great way to create a small but effective separation between you and the world when it all gets to be too much to handle.

Leo - Long, Sleek Bob

So clean, so fresh

Leos are natural born leaders, confident and ambitious. Because of these traits, a sleek and polished look suits their go-getter lifestyle and frames their faces in just the right way to show that Leos mean business. Ask for almost no layers to keep the hair sleek as can be. As for styling, comb through damp hair and use a smoothing cream after blow drying.

Virgo - Long Layers

Pure perfection

Virgos are the ultimate perfectionists, perhaps best known for pulling off immaculate style every day. When it comes to hair, Virgos are more than capable of picking up the challenge of maintaining long waves, which will bring a relaxed vibe into their look. Ask for layers around the face starting from your cheekbone area, and less layers at the back of your head.

Libra - Light Bangs and Long Waves

Your girl next door look made longer and sexier

Libras, like their scale symbol, are all about balance and tranquility. Long waves coupled with some light fringe keep Libras looking relaxed and refined, but don't compromise their charming persuasiveness. Make sure to keep your bangs minimal; a wisp is enough to complete the look without covering up your forehead

Scorpio - Long Pixie

Not quite a pixie, not quite a bob

The long pixie cut creates a bunch of layers that both frame and hide the face, which should satisfy Scorpios who tend to be mysterious and naturally wary. But don't worry; on days you're feeling particularly bold you can style the hair with a headband or maybe a braid.

Sagittarius - Short Waves

Easy and glam

A Sagittarius is always on the go, whether it's by car, train, or plane. She will need something that is easy to maintain, but that still matches her outfits when she's out having a good time (which, for Sagittarius, is always.)

Capricorn - Slicked Back Bob

For the cool girl who always has it together

Capricorns always manage to look dignified and strictly professional, so we'd like to see them mixing it up a little with this slicked back bob. While still beyond appropriate, this hairdo makes it easier for Capricorns to get crazy when going out.

Aquarius - Baby Bangs

Short and sweet

For Aquarius, independence is key. They are definitely not afraid to make a statement and stand out from the crowd when it comes to their personal style, so we propose that the Aquarius lady make a major change by getting short, short bangs. It makes the face look more youthful and brings out that Aquarius playfulness.

Pisces - Retro Bob

Sultry and ultra-feminine

A Pisces woman is typically quite feminine in both style and demeanor, so she will pull off a retro look like no other. Pisces are also described as otherworldly, so how appropriate is it for them to revive a '40s-era hair trend?
There we have it ladies; hair ideas for all personality types and star signs. Just remember that no matter your star sign, neither your zodiac nor your haircut can truly define you—but they just might make you feel more like yourself.

Aries - Pixie Cut

The ultimate cut for the ultimate edgy girl

A short, no-fuss haircut is perfect for people who are born as fiery Aries. While it can be low-maintenance, the pixie cut can be spiked or slicked back, just versatile and exciting enough for this eternal go-getter.

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