Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Who Is Your Faux Fur Spirit Goddess?

During the cold winter months Faux Fur can be a succor, a conduit for individual style, or just plain cool.  This is how to wear faux fur like a Goddess!

1) We like to call this look "Almost Famous!" It's Bohemian, and carefree like Kate Hudson's 'Penny Lane'.  Rock Gods will flock to you,  Roadies will lust after you, and wall street types will wish they were cool enough to date you.

2) The Olsen! She is a double entendre of boho chic, and style icon cool. Her, and her twin could rule the world of fashion--oh wait they do! 

3) The Moss Effect! If you are not Kate Moss (who could have her own cult following) this is how to wear faux fur like Kate Moss.

4) The Other Kate! This faux fur vest paired with a button up white lace blouse really reminds us of Kate Bosworth's "it girl" fashion sense. This look is a magnet for indie filmmakers, and hot Swedes.

5) The Fashion Blogger! Don't be afraid to match your favorite faux fur to your shirt or blouse. Same color on color looks classy and sleek. 

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  1. Thanks. Great article. I know now how to wear my faux fur jacket.


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