Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Nasty Galaxy by Nasty Gal

Just when we think Nasty Gal can't get any cuter. Check out your June horoscope on the Nasty galaxy.       
“J’aime” by Riff Cohen


April 20 – May 20

You’re fully and completely ready to move the hells on, Taurus. I’m not talking about a break up or changing from a diffuser to plopping. It’s time to do deep and soul-engaging work on your self, for yourself. Let go of your old ways of thinking and acting that you hella know aren’t serving you, and seek to better understand what you’re getting out of them. There’s got to be a reason that you keep on doing the same crap that doesn’t make you happy, so what is it? With Mercury Retrograde through mid-June, it’s a great time to really dig into your innards to find your answers. If you allow yourself to stay stuck and rigidly defend your attachment to the status quo, you’ll be limiting no one but your own sweet self, lover. So confront your fears. It’s OK to be scared, vulnerable, or generally bad at things when you first start out. Don’t let your natural learning curve inhibit you from setting goals that are outside your comfort zone because you are capable of getting through it all. You’ve got the guts, Taurus, just trust in yourself. Keeping your eyes on the long-view prize will help you to not get twisted up with the little stuff. If your actions are aligned with your values, you’ll be able to take necessary risks, and step in the direction you wanna go. While you’re doing all this hard work, it’d be wise to ask for help from your friends; and if they can’t show up for realness, then you may need to reevaluate your friendships too. Let people reveal themselves to you so that you can know who your true friends are. Don’t be scared of the truth ‘cause it’s there whether you deny it or not.

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This SAINTCHiC Paparazzi Mesh Visor is your power piece this month because it’s your reminder to shield your eyes from glare and keep ‘em trained on your goals.

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