Sunday, January 31, 2016

V-Day - The Power Of Lingerie

We first visited the Agent Provocateur store on Melrose back in 2002. This cheeky brand has survived all trends and come out a champ. Let's face it Valentine's Day is like Black Friday in the lingerie business. Here are our picks.

1) Gold Inga Playsuit. $3,135. What is there to say this is dope.

2) Charlotte Olympia. Think Ann Bancroft from The Graduate meets Jayne Mansfield.

3) The Whitney. You can rock this!

4) The Jet. We like to think of this one as The Dom. 

5) Kimono. We like to call this one the double-dipper. Not only can you slip it off to reveal your undies you can use it any day of the year as a robe. In some cases a nightgown. 

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