Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Fashion Of Hitchcock

Edith head was a costume genius and dressed most of Alfred Hitchcock's leading ladies. This is what can be learned from a Hitchcock heroine.

1) Marnie. Just because you are in the middle of a psychotic break doesn't mean you have to lose your fabulousness. A black velvet jacket always makes us think happy thoughts.

2) North By Northwest. Nothing good ever comes from meeting strangers on a train. Except maybe that black pendant or a good print one would sport in late fall.

3) The Birds. The green suit is a Hitch favorite. That might be a "Hollywood" fur coat or it might be real. Tippi rocks it.

4) Rear Window. Remember what we said about that suit?

5) Vertigo. This was a tough one, but we decided to keep it classy. The gray suit, and white blouse never disappoints.

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