Friday, February 17, 2017

Pinterest Trends Of The Week - The Lucky Seven

Here are our seven favorite looks trending on Pinterest aka "The Lucky Seven" that are worth trying.

1) Embroidered jean jacket. We jumped on the bandwagon and bought one. Denim is the perfect gateway jacket from spring to summer. The devil is in the details and anything that takes actual craftsmanship never goes out of style.

2) The backless. We've been obsessed with backless tops for over a decade. It's like showing a lot of skin without showing a lot of skin type of thing.

3) Orange and Peach. We also like to call this look "The Olsen".  There is so much we love about this. The contrasting fabrics. The complementary color palette. 

4) The 70's jacket. Every wardrobe needs this thing. You know the jacket that makes a statement. We like to call this one "The Almost Famous".

5) Black on black. This could be our uniform. So many favorites here. The leather jacket. Boots you can walk in all day and not get blisters. The hair bun. 

6) The dream team. The awesome velvet pumps and faux/embroidered jacket combo kills us. We will be trying this look soon as it stops raining.

7) The twisted mini. What makes this the awesome of awesome is that you don't have to change into your party clothes after work. Yes, we have worn this outfit to the office. 

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