Sunday, March 19, 2017

Forever 21 Vs Lululemon Activewear

Forever 21 has been killing it in the activewear department. Personally I have never been one to splurge on a sports bra and mesh-panel leggings, but with these prices who can resist.

Lululemon Body Con Bra vs Forever 21 High Impact Sports Bra.

Lululemon $58

Forever 21 $14.90

Lululemon reveal 7/8 tights vs Forever 21 active mesh panel leggings.
Lululemon $118

Forever 21 $22.90

Lululemon $98
Forever 21 $12.90

Lululemon Free To Be Tranquil Bra Vs Forever 21 Medium Impact Sports Bra.

Lululemon $52
Forever 21 $14.90

Lululemon Tracker Short Vs Forever 21 Active Mesh Shorts.

Lululemon $58
Forever 21 $15.90

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  1. What an amazing share about Forever 21 Vs Lululemon Activewear. I am totally impressed with these details here. Both of these brands are good. For my work outs I have tried the alo yoga pants and Forever 2 tank tops earlier. My experience with both of these brands was awesome. Now I am going to try out Lululemon as well.


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